10x10x10 - 10 Years, 10 Friends, 10 Mixes

Maschinen Musik - music done with machines and that sounds like machines ! In our case that means electronic music centred around breakbeat, electro and techno, with industrial charm and cool sound aesthetics, from deep mercury lakes to rude pile drivers. Music that not necessarily can be attributed to one genre and that might come around quite queer and crude from time to time. What counts are soul, atmosphere and the idea. Founded in 2003 by Dr. Schmidt, Maschinen Musik is a hobby label, not started to bring its members fame and wealth but just the fun of producing and releasing music, that we think deserves to be out there. A simple idea demands a simple realization. In the end, what counts is the quality of the music that is done with heart and soul and digitally mastered to perfection. Now, with almost 20 releases to look back onto, this dream has become reality. Maschinen Musik has become one of the most influential electro labels, regulary supported by heroes like Dave Clark, Cozmo D of Nuwcleus and many Electro DJs all around the world. Maschinen Musik Tracks have been part of the legendary Street Sounds compilation, the X-Mag compilation, and during the opening ceremony of the 2009 Canada Games, the athletes marched into the arena to the sound of T.R.O. - Message..

Track 01: Dr. Schmidt - Salvation Machine - Microphased
Produced by Andreas Schmehl for Maschinen Musik 20, remixed by:

Niko Tzoukmanis - known as Unitray, minimalist, nerd, scientist, and living Detroit library. Part of Audision and Arne Weinberg's Onmutu Mechanicks project. Founder of the brand new Flambient label and his new project Microphase. And on top of it all - good friend from Dr. Schmidt's time in Augsburg. Visit Flambient.com

Track 02: Dr. Schmidt - Slow Wave Rider - Lunar Circuit's 808 voxel view
Produced by Andreas Schmehl for Maschinen Musik 28, remixed by:

Michael Golling aka Lunar Circuit, even better known as Mike Instant. Little brother of Dj Benchmark, minimal master, design wizard, Augsburg crew member, and a surprising source of versatilty. Visit Mike-Instant.de

Track 03: Solar Chrome - Data Science - T.R.O. remix Produced by Nino Fara for Maschinen Musik 17, remixed by:

Oliver Leuxner aka T.R.O.. Bass head, Maschinen Musik original, OldSchool connaisseur and Berlin-based friend. Label founder and on the forefront of the German BreakBeat scene. Visit: Furioso Records

Track 04: Solar Chrome - Future Communication - The Schmidt Mix
Produced by Nino Fara for Maschinen Musik 17, remixed by:

Andreas Schmehl aka Dr. Schmidt. Originator, producer, and man behind Maschinen Musik. Stubborn negator of trends, scientist, nerd, sci-fi fan, lover of dark atmospheres, and the most untalented promoter in the world. Vist - well, you're already here.

Track 05: Dr. Schmidt - Gravedancer - Tanith's Graveraver remix
Produced by Andreas Schmehl as free release, remixed by:

Tanith - Living legend, first Tresor Berlin Resident, master of mean tones, BreakBeat Connaisseur, and one of the main reasons Maschinen Musik ever came to existence. Always surprising wizard of eclecting taste, internet acticist and blog writer. Visit: Tanith.org

Track 0: Dr. Schmidt - Lobotomia - Solar Chrome's Bit Crush remix
Produced by Andreas Schmehl for Maschinen Musik 26, remixed by:

Nina Fara aka Solar Chrome - boarder crosser, Maschinen Musik legend, beatmaster, our webiste designer, and originator of some of the best Maschinen Musik releases ever. More to come in the future, just wait fro Maschinen Musik 31.

Track 07: Dr. Schmidt - Resonator - Shared Purpose remix
Produced by Andreas Schmehl for Maschinen Musik 10, remixed by:

DVNT aka Shared Purpose - Master of Mantis Radio, long time supporter, visual wizard, connaisseur of dark and powerfull sounds, and man behind Darkfloor. He recently started his own label Darkfloor Sounds - recommended listening! Visit: Darkfloor

Track 08: Dr. Schmidt - Trauma - Medooza remix
Produced by Andreas Schmehl for Maschinen Musik 26, remixed by:

Medooza - mistress of mean beats, Mercurochrome veteran, GFR Radio legend, longtime friend and irreplaceable provider of an additional set of neutral ears. Casual producer of electronic brilliance - visit: Meddoza on Soundcloud and Medooza again on Soundcloud

Track 08: Dr. Schmidt - Aminopenta - FXYZ remix
Produced by Andreas Schmehl for Maschinen Musik 28, remixed by:

Frank Wiedmann aka FXYZ - longtime unknown techno neighbor, Livin Beats co-founder, music activist, tech-house master, and friend back from the Augsburg days. Core member of the Berlin-based Musicelswerhe label. Visit: Musicelsewhere

Track 10: Schmidt & Chrome - Eclipse - Jack Stat remix
Produced by Nino Farra and Andreas Schmehl for Maschinen Musik 27, remixed by:

Jack Stat - German Bassmusic masters, party promoters, label founders, Breakspoll players, and long known key players of the German breakbeat scene. From Funky Breaks to Dubstep - you name it, they make it. Visit: Lucky Break

Cover artwork and design: Andreas Schmehl

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