You have a question for us? You want to book one of our artists? You want to praise us or tell us that you don't like us? Or you just want to send a demo? Just write an e-mail to: Dr. Schmidt

Some guidlines for demos:

We are always happy to accept demos, and we will give feedback if a few basic conditions are fulfilled:

- We assume that you know our label, that you identify with our music, and that your music fits into to our sound spectrum.

- We are not interested in music with a 4/4 kick drum. So please don't send techno or house tunes. Keep it breakbeat.

- We will ignore mass mailouts.

- When you get in touch, tell us who you are, what you do, and why you think we are the right label for you.


Dr. Andreas Schmehl
Webersteig 20
D-86738 Deiningen
E-Mail :


fm.worx | Nikka Farra




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