Maschinen Musik - music done with machines and that sounds like machines !

In our case that means electronic music centred around breakbeat, electro and techno, with industrial charm and cool sound aesthetics, from deep mercury lakes to rude pile drivers. Music that not necessarily can be attributed to one genre and that might come around quite queer and crude from time to time. What counts are soul, atmosphere and the idea

Founded in 2003 by Dr. Schmidt, Maschinen Musik is a hobby label, not started to bring its members fame and wealth but just the fun of producing and releasing music, that we think deserves to be out there. A simple idea demands a simple realization. In the end, what counts is the quality of the music that is done with heart and soul and digitally mastered to perfection. Now, with almost 20 releases to look back onto, this dream has become reality. Maschinen Musik has become one of the most influential electro labels, regulary supported by heroes like Dave Clark, Cozmo D of Nuwcleus and many Electro DJs all around the world. Maschinen Musik Tracks have been part of the legendary Street Sounds compilation, the X-Mag compilation, and during the opening ceremony of the 2009 Canada Games, the athletes marched into the arena to the sound of T.R.O. - Message..

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You are interested in our sound? Then this little mix out of Dr. Schmidt's laboratory is exactly the right thing for you:


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